Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dorie's All American Apple Pie!

Who couldn't start the 4th of July weekend without an All American recipe, such as this one. :) If you have the book, consider making it for this weekend! You won't be disappointed hehe!

When the ever so popular book "Baking: From My Home to Yours" went on bargain listings for Amazon (sorry, it's not on bargain anymore :( ), I knew I couldn't pass it up. So many people rave about this book. In fact, there is a group online solely dedicated to making a recipe from this book every Tuesday, but I can't join that because of my diet, and I really lack the time right now. Plus with a dead camera at home, I can only make desserts on weekends (since my fiance graciously allows me to use his camera), and those will be VERY few and far between!!

My new shiny baking book!!

I chose this recipe as my first recipe out of the book, because my fiance bought a bag of apples a week ago, and so we had to use them this was perfect for that!

This was my first pie that I've made from scratch, and PRAISE GOD for a food processor. This crust was light and flaky, and just mmm. I will say the tapioca in the recipe made me a little confused, and I wanted to omit it so bad. The only time I eat tapioca is in my bubble (boba) tea, and in really large pearls. So, imagining this in apple pie was like hmm...

However, I'm glad I didn't omit it. I really think this made the texture of the filling amazing. I've always been known to sub things in baking and cooking, and if I'm lucky, it comes out I went strictly by the recipe! Oh wait, I did forget the graham cracker crumbs...only 2 tbs. so I think I'm ok...**sinks in desk chair** but still, fabulous apple pie!

Peeling, coring and slicing 4 lbs. of apples is HARD WORK!! We used pink lady and granny smith apples (he had 3 lbs of pink lady and I picked up a couple granny smiths)

The dough halved, getting ready to roll down :)

The pie assembled and ready to chill before going in the oven.

The finished pie..sigghh...sorry, had to have a slice!

The gooey goodness in the middle!


Joelen said...

Such a fitting recipe to make for the holiday! It looks great :) You could event submit this to the Fruit Frenzy blogging event I'm hosting (and maybe even win the giveaway prize too!) Details are in my blog :)

Jj said...

I do believe that is the best looking apple Pie I've ever seen! I'm getting more and more sold on getting this book myself, thanks!

Cate said...

That pie looks awesome! I agree the food processor is the best invention ever when it comes to crust!

madebymel said...

I got the Dorie book on when it was a bargain, too. I love it! Your pie looks great and you've been tagged! See my blog for details.